I must organize my time to accomplish some measure of doneness to both the wannados and the haftados. I haven’t had the chance to go back to Anchorhead and get in much deeper than I’ve gone before. It’s like that special prize that I hold off in the distance—the promise of an ice cream sundae when you clean your room, the carrot on the stick that leads the rabbit onward oblivious to the pack of dogs behind him.

And there are more, I’m sure that I’ll want to get into. Shrapnel I’ve abandoned; same with Autumn Muse. If I search online I’m overwhelmed with opportunity, and facing the amount of stimulation that is out there, I back away in confusion. Rather, I will savor going back to visit Anchorhead, the way I used to feel upon buying Stephen King’s latest book. Perhaps tomorrow, if the haftado Spanish written assignment can be done tonight.

A question for the esteemed professors: Are IF titles properly italicized or underlined?

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3 Responses to INTERACTIVE FICTION: A Carrot on A Stick

  1. ersinghaus says:

    Italics will do fine. By the way, why did you abandone Shrapnel? Time is always key. You could write your Spanish homework in TADS.

  2. Susan says:

    I abandoned Shrapnel because nobody out there would help me. I was killed dozens of times and couldn’t get past the three men in the woods. It was utterly frustrating not to make at least some progress. Perhaps when I’m more used to the medium I will go back.

    Don’t know how I’m managing it, but I’m doing very well in Spanish and feel extremely guilty about it because I really can’t get beyond ¿Comó estás? orally. What’s TADS–computerese language?

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