INTERACTIVE FICTION: Adventures of Helpful Man

Yowsa, yowsa, yowsa! I was smart enough to take Inventory early in the game. As a superhero, I have some handy James Bond-like stuff in my belt, and I was even smart enough to eXamine each item and find out what they were and what they did so I can use them when my first crisis comes along. Actually, the first crisis came along early in the game when I couldn’t call the waiter over to find out why I wasn’t given a spoon, and had to go back and restart the game a few times. This time around, I was smart enough to immediately Take the knife and fork I was given, figuring they’ll come in handy for something as well. Might need them immediately however since I’m about to maybe order something to eat in this galactic restaurant.

I’m still not real good at this, huh?

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