WRITING: Overwriting

Shoot.  I think I had it and now I’m wrecking it.  I need to turn ruthless and slash my way through, so for now, Big Tim Dawson is off the platter of Spinning and and I’ll do some severe workshopping-style critique on it before I send him off to face the big bad world of lit journals.  Though it is difficult to do to one’s own piece, especially when one has been living with it for a month, but I think it’s so close to completion that a day more of concentrated effort should do it.  One of the methods of cutting at the Wesleyan Writers Conference was (yuck!) going by word count when we needed to limit a piece to a three-minute read.  I found it extraordinarily easy to delete unneeded scenes, dialogues, description, and backstory when faced with a "must do" situation. 

I’ll link soon to whatever I pick up to work on next, and again, appreciate input if you have been able to take the time to read.

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