LITERATURE: Aristotle on Steinbeck

Unreal.  I’m up to twelve pages, single-spaced, and still working.  Although the vast majority of the text is taken up in quotations from either Poetics or Cannery Row, there is some input by me in comment.  This is not what I had intended, but this is what it grew into as a project. 

Too bad it’s only for my own purposes–wins me no degrees, no recognition, not even a lousy grade, which is why I haven’t as yet gotten into a bibliography, although I probably will add it in just to cover my ass since this is currently available online as I work on it.  And after all this, I’ll probably keep it there until I’ve gotten over myself on the effort alone.

However, I shall have learned from this endeavor that in future readings I shall simply nod and smile to myself and think: Hmmm.  Sounds like Aristotle had something to say about this.  And just keep reading.

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