REALITY?: Awareness

Every now and then it hits you:  you’re on the wrong path.  You’ve been on the wrong path for a very long time, but just like that decision to switch lanes at the supermarket, you either do or you don’t, and you didn’t.

Looking back, it’s too far to travel to find the intersection where you hung a left and shouldn’t have.  There’s still a bit of road ahead and maybe you can find a bridge to jump the chasm if you can see between the trees.  You have the seeds, safe within your pocket and you run your fingers through them as you wonder what to do.  They need the planting, and all you need to do is figure where.

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2 Responses to REALITY?: Awareness

  1. Mark says:

    No chasm needs jumping. Just turn on bright lights to see the next fork. 🙂

  2. susan says:

    Why not? And frankly, the forks just seem to lead me nowhere but deeper into sameness.

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