REALITY?: Health Issues

Please, let my father-in-law have nothing seriously wrong with him.

And please, please, please, if he requires surgery and recuperation, don’t let it be at our house.

I am a truly terrible person and I’ll burn in Hell for this, I’m sure, but I just have to get it said now before it becomes a possibility.  Last two times (and the only) he came here from the hospital were supposed to be for a couple weeks.  One time was two months and the last was four months, until I went over and cleaned his house and tried nicely to tell him he should go back there.  He does have four other children and mentally I think I’ll slit my wrists if he comes to stay with us again.  He’s no major trouble (except to clean up after since he won’t bathe and sometimes doesn’t make it to the bathroom) but he’s grumpy and won’t eat chicken and needs the TV on level 25 because he’s hard of hearing.

Lord forgive me for being such a terrible person, and I truly hope he’s all right and doesn’t need my care.

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2 Responses to REALITY?: Health Issues

  1. Don’t feel that way about yourself. It’s not terrible to think about you, too, and how it could affect your life. I’ve been through that caretaking, and it is hell on the caretakers, and I hate to say it but usually the women wind up with most of the work, maybe just because we’re better at it, at seeing what’s needed, part of the maternal set-up perhaps (though I sometimes think that chromosome is missing in me). I hope you can escape it this time. Wishing you and him well.

  2. susan says:

    Thank you, Barbara. We just got back from the hospital and it doesn’t look good for long term or recovery, but he was looking and feeling good. Once I got this out of my system, and seeing the circumstances, of course I’m opening my home up to him. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, and I’m sure his other children will want to help out as well, so it won’t be as bad as I feared. Besides, for some reason, he likes me and likes staying here. I wouldn’t deny him or my husband that little bit of time together. But thanks for understanding!

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