EDUCATION: Again with the Plagiarism and Feelgoodism

Ya know, I had Spinning locked away from Google and other search engines for well over a year because I was disgusted with getting hit up for Cheever’s "The Swimmer" constantly (I had several entries on it).  But this takes the cake, a Google search today that landed them here again:

"the pearl(john steinbeck)- questions and page number of answers"

And here’s another that just came in:

"why is the pearl useless kino"

This last searcher stayed a few minutes–reading and questioning, or copy and pasting?

I read Dennis Jerz’s post this morning on "Teachers Adjust Lesson Plans as Web Fuels Plagiarism," an LA Times article, and decided to pass it by because what can I, a non-academic, possibly add to the argument?

And in these days of stripping down grading systems (versus the problem with everyone getting A’s and thus causing a different set of needs) so that nobody "feels bad" because they might fail, the easy plagiarism and the lack of morals in cheating just don’t make me real sympathetic.  You want to teach students how to do research?  Well, they seem to know the easy way already.  I think what they need to be taught is simple right from wrong.  And if they don’t want to learn–don’t feel so frickin’ bad about failing them.  They’re bound to fail in life anyway with these attitudes toward school and learning.

(For professorial curiosity, though sometimes the school is in the stats, all I know about this idiot is that he/she is from Canada.)

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2 Responses to EDUCATION: Again with the Plagiarism and Feelgoodism

  1. You could always preface your real content with a page that says “Welcome high school students!” and then give some really glib (and really bad) answers to common questions — but plausible enough that someone who hasn’t read the book would believe them.

    But no, that would be cruel.

  2. susan says:

    Ah, but it appeals to my not-so-well hidden mean streak.

    But then again, my reviews are not professional but more of the writer-focused; some are mere awe and others are sensational drivel. I’d like to see them come up with arguments to support my opinions–that may well be their punishment.

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