LITERATURE: Steinbeck’s The Pearl

Torn between McCarthy and Toni Morrison, I seek out John Steinbeck’s The Pearl as my next selection.  It is mainly because it’s a short novel, Steinbeck is easy reading, and with the burden of Hypertext 3.0, Patchwork Girl, and Ethics on my plate it seems like it will fit in without taking attention away from the others.

I’m also trying to slip in a story or two of my own among the copyediting I’m doing on sixteen short stories for a good friend.  While I’ve learned to read for story and technique as well as proof at the same time, I think editing mode is reestablished with the need, and I’m more likely to be objective about my own work when it is slid in there as part of the scheme. 

Perfect trio:  Reading and writing and rain.

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  1. Mark says:

    Steinbeck! Good for you.

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