LITERATURE & NEW MEDIA: A Clockwork Orange – Details

Watched a bit more of the film, and immediately felt better about something that had bothered me in the book–nitpicky close reader that I am (or, if I missed it, inept close reader, blah, blah).

When Alex is in the medical facility and undergoing the Ludovico Treatment, he is being forced to watch violent videos.  He cannot move his head and his eyelids are clamped open.  Reading this, I thought, hmmm; don’t his eyes dry out?  Well, in the movie, there’s an assistant constantly applying eyedrops. 

Now if I missed this–and when I get back into the house I’ll check the book–then my whole epiphany here is wasted.  But I’m thinking that not only does this show the possibility of video allowing more indepth accuracy that in text may come off as too much "tell" vs. show (video being a natural for that advantage) as well as weighing down a story with details when only one medium is used (versus targeting different senses simultaneously) it also may reveal that in switching to another medium, flaws, or just opportunities to clarify are discovered and covered.

Malcolm McDowell, by the way, is superb in this characterization.

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  1. Creechman says:

    You try matchsticks opening up your eyelids………..Jesus.

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