LITERATURE & NEW (?) MEDIA: A Clockwork Orange – The Movie

Finally got a chance to viddy the first half of Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange this afternoon.  Real horrorshow stuff. 

I’m finding that I really don’t remember seeing it, and I’m wondering if I was spaced out back in ’71 because I usually remember movies very well.  For the first viewing (now, on DVD–kinda neat watching a movie on the laptop!) I’m just watching it through without referencing Anthony Burgess’ book at all.  But I am finding that the music, as someone suggested, is a very large part of the impact.  Alex and two teenyboppers romping naked to the William Tell Overture is definitely more effective with a/v effects.

There are some ironic elements to watching a 1971 movie DVD on my laptop in 2006, as the main character of Alex in his future world, sticks a cassette tape into a player to listen to Mozart.

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