LITERATURE: Glimmer Train #54 – Hard-hitting Story

Strange title–Night Slides Falling to Light–for this wonderfully written story by Thomas O’Malley.  Within six pages, two murders, setting that you can feel, characters that strike an immediate chord, and a story that is beautifully woven.  One of my favorites.

Making a Kite, by Miriam Novogrodsky is yet another divorced father coping with kids and life after the split–what is it with the proliferation of this theme lately?  But it is interesting and well written.  Most of these stories are showing the father’s side, and the love he still feels for his ex-wife and the spite he is capable of during recovery.  Sort of a twist on the old scorned woman story.

That’s it for this issue, I think.  There’s one I just couldn’t make myself plod through, and I admittedly didn’t read the first long story so I may go back to that.

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