LITERATURE: Henderson The Rain King – Time and Space

Ah, two more of my favorite subjects, after perception and…I forget the other one (nice; this may be the first online case history of Alzheimer’s to follow as it progresses.  Maybe You-Tube should be incorporated, sort of a reality show?).

But maybe time was invented so that misery might have an end. So that it shouldn’t last forever?  There may be something in this.  And bliss, just the opposite, is eternal?  That is no time in bliss.  All the clocks were thrown out of heaven.  (p. 295)

Henderson is grieving the loss of his friend and facing the future as the next king of the Wariri.  (Not only did the lion kill the king, it was the wrong lion anyway–hah!)  But I love the little sparks of wisdom that Bellow infuses into Henderson. 

Time as an invention of man.  True, as far as the calculation of it and what is time, after all, but a calculation?

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