WRITING: Reality-based Ideas

Today it did occur to me that maybe man was not the first choice species to evolve at such a rate to claim superiority over other inhabitants of the earth.  I think that maybe there was another that had a better shot at progressing to the betterment of all, but something happened.  Something simple, like it was tastier to the Tyrranosaurus rex.

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3 Responses to WRITING: Reality-based Ideas

  1. steve says:

    In 1,000 years, how will the aliens compare us to wolves?

  2. susan says:

    There’ll be nothing left, remember? Global warming will have wiped out all evidence of any species of man and wolf. Perhaps the Yeti in the mountains of Tibet will survive and prosper to invent fire and the wheel and the PC.

  3. It’s possible we’re not the most highly evolved species here. We’re the ones foolish enough to foul our own garden, committing a slow mass suicide. How evolved is that?

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