LITERATURE: Tropic of Cancer – Finale

Some points of interest…

Some seemingly philosophical soliloquies on the state of mankind, the government, and God.

The idea of combining fact with fiction on such a personal level that the narrator is once referred to as "Henry" and why perhaps this choice was made to publish this as a novel.  Embellishment of truth, perhaps, and yet it makes one wary of trusting the author/first person narrator.

A rather stinky ending, just when the story seemed to follow something concrete and linear as opposed to freeloading and free wandering adventures.  Though I cannot truly say I expected any more than this out of this character, he does still disappoint.  I think that my near dislike of him as someone of any substance prevented me from closer reading the the few areas–such as those mentioned above where imagery and metaphor and symbolism appear to collide.  But then again, perhaps not. 

All in all, while I can understand the freedom of language and randomness of thought, the almost anti-American tone and making Paris both a beauty and a beast, I’m glad to say I’m finally done with it and place it back upon the shelf.

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