CLASS NOTES: 4/30/08

Good workshopping session.  Great rewrite by Jackie on her story, third draft in, and changed dramatically.  It’s always amazed me  how someone can edit so  much  that characters, scenes, events, and meaning are turned inside out and upside-down and only ten percent of the previous draft is left intact.  Chris Coonce-Ewing did that with his Hummingbird God story and I’ve never forgotten what a difference it made.

Some nice ideas on Bryan’s story too.  The concept of a dying man and his last hours is naturally intriguing and his visitors in this case were quite an interesting crew.  Some technical work and clarification on story arc were suggested and I hope to see a revision on this one soon.

Nice feedback on my own submission, and between last night and early morning, much of the rewriting has already been done.  Awkward phrasing, a letdown ending, and many technical glitches have been repaired though I’ll likely work on it a few more days.

Someone made a comment about wanting the class to go on beyond it’s two-week ending.  It may be possible.  Something’s been brewing and I’ll run it by the professor and crew maybe at the next class meeting.

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