REVIEWS: Hypertext

I’m reading Kristina’s hypertext piece and it is chock full of conflict and drama and a life-changing event so all the elements of fiction (and I only wish for her that this was fiction) and writing style are there. Even though the fragments are just that–all fragments rather than the use of any shards as well (Hypertextopia-talk) and Kristina chose to limit a good portion of the text boxes to a sentence or two, it plays on pace and mood and another read-through will be the telling of its success or not.  I’m thinking that it does indeed work well.

I unfortunately chose a path to follow that ended all too soon, and checking the map, knew for sure that I’d missed the majority of the story. It’s a bit cramped to see the paths but I think I can figure out the structure with some more intensive study and reading.

Glad it’s up early enough before class to spend some time on it.

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