LITERATURE: Black Swan Green – Nice Stuff

A few nice phrases used to establish an unspoken fact.  Here, the common knowledge of Moran’s father being an alcoholic, yet the way it is handled carefully by others:

"Does your old man ever get pissed? Moran asked.
If I said yes I’d be lying, but if I said no it’d look day.  "He has a drink or two, when my Uncle Brian visits."
"Not a drink or two.  I mean does he get so fucking plastered he. . . he can hardly speak?"
That ‘no’ turned the three feet between us into three miles.  (p. 80)

And here, where Jason is taken by Dawn Madden as the first girl he’s interested in, and the subtle manner (yet bold, since it is merely a repetition) that Mitchell shows it.

Her stare said, What?  Dawn Madden’s eyes are dark honey.
"That could’ve stuck right into me!"

Dawn Madden’s eyes are dark honey.  "Oh, poor Taylor."  (p. 84)


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