No, not the debate. They’re each just spouting off the same script so it’s not worth listening.  I’m talking about the new PC.  Can’t believe I bought a computer without a network card installed.  It takes fifty different kinds of data input right in the front but it doesn’t include a network card and wireless?

It’s been so long–relatively, since in computer technology a year away from the hardware means you’re hopelessly behind–that I can’t remember what I need to make it work.  I sort of expected that with all the waves floating through the house it’d just connect to the internet automatically. Vista doesn’t mention LAN though; instead it’s looking for VPN or some such thing. Since I intended to transfer and hopefully save Jim’s email account and all its data directly, I wanted to have both PCs working at the same time without pulling the plug on one first.

So those are the problems I’m solving tonight, fiddling with the new to replace the old. Vista’s neat looking though, and I hope Jim’s as psyched about it as I am since I had to take his resistance to change into consideration and he’ll be hopping from Win 98 to this O/S directly. I’ve already had to gently explain how he may not be able to get some of his games to work on this, so I really need to get him on the internet asap or he’ll lose confidence in my abilities to make him happy.

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