Flash of insight time:

Went back to transfer the below story beginning into either Pages or Storyspace and realized that since I already know the story, there’s no purpose to writing it!

Completely lost interest.

Every writer implements a different writing process that works for their style of writing; laying out the whole plot in diagram or just going with the flow.  I’m a "flow" type; whatever happens, happens and if I don’t know what’s happening, I just ask myself to ponder the possibilities and it rolls on.  For the planner, there are even software writing packages that can not only organize a writer’s ideas, but help spur him on index card style.

So how many stories are lost with either process?

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2 Responses to WRITING: Whoa!

  1. creechman says:

    I find that we should not restrict ourselves to any one method of writing. Sometimes, go with the flow – then fix it up. Othertimes, plan and fill in the blocks.

    I would hate for anyone to guess at their “natural style” and confine themselves to it, out of a nonsensical duty.

    Bring all the talent and skill you have. Mix in humor. Then go eat a pizza.

    That’s gospel.

  2. susan says:

    I don’t think anyone “confines” themselves by style–unless in the middle of a slow time when one will try anything to get the flow going again so forces the “usual” instead of like you suggest, grabbing a pizza instead.

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