REALITY?: Update on The Dinosaur

Well, yes; the Amazon book shipment came yesterday–even the USPS agrees:
111908rAnd though I signed up for “email notification” I’d not received one word from them since their initial email stating that they were “informed” of a deliver to be picked up.

What did they do with my shipment for 7 days? Did they read the books? Did they enjoy Diaz and Neruda? Are they now Marquez fans?

Methinks that while delivery times can improve greatly, their real problem lies in electronic tracking of shipments and their lack of (or unwillingness to) adaptation to a world that the rest of us have come to depend upon.

This episode, along with a dozen other daily reminders (such as the gas range business I’m still dealing with) is what frustrates me when I find it so difficult to get employment; they NEED me.

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