BLOGGING: As a journal of technical technique

I’ve pretty much been told to twut-up on twitter as I was loading someone’s twit-roll with my constant tweets.  I completely understand; the more folks you’re following the more likely it is that you won’t see all the latest from everyone without going back a-ways or you’re just ignoring them anyway. As must be the case with those who are listing hundreds or thousands of little friends and are interested in numbers–not people.

On the other hand, it was a method I used to keep track of the moves from Typepad to WordPress, and those extras on top of my rants, one-liner poetry, and other just-gotta-tell-ya’s, I suppose I was cluttering up some folks’ pages. So it’s either back to the copybook method of noting changes–I have the first notes from ’97 when I built a computer–or making note of some of the things done here at my own site where I am free to unravel. Meanwhile, my literature comrades are waiting for me to get over this and get back to lit postings.

What I might do, since twitter did serve me well in this function, is open another twitter account under an alias that no one else knows about. It might not be possible without making up another email address; I believe I ran into that problem before.

While pointing out my twitter-hogging has been a legitimate complaint in the pros and cons of social networking, it just seems that having to go back to the old ways is such a copout when so much internet communication is available and growing. The other possibility is to risk losing readers and that’s an option that’s out of my hands.

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