BLOGGING: Some Notes

While I like WordPress, it seems a whole lot slower than Typepad to get to the posting page and even to load the sites. Maybe it’s just a temporary quirk.

One thing from the move that’s helped already is the downloading all the images from the old sites onto files in my hard drive, and the way I have the photos set up: filed my year folders in my “Spinning” file, then each image was renamed by date and category of the post in which it appeared. While some image names were much more valuable identifiers, many of them were screenshots and named that way. They show up now as images with the date below so a quick scan of the file can usually help in spotting the image I’m looking for, and the image name tells me where it is on the site. From there it’s easy to go to the archives and as I’ve done in the post this morning at Hypercompedia, find the permalink to add. Very often it’s the image that comes to mind rather than a time period or a title.

Or maybe I’m just reaching to make myself feel better about three or four days’ work in manually moving those images!

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