BLOGGING: Update on Redirect

Well that didn’t exactly work out as planned; even though I officially deleted the original Spinning, the files and permalinks remained because I had a new weblog named spinning, or maybe because the permalinks still linked to the spinning files and are being used by a protected backup.

At any rate, it’s not all bad; Google will bring a searcher to the right post (i.e., “The Road”) and that shows up on the ‘new’ Typepad Spinning, (rather than making it search deeper and find the new Wordpad Spinning post), but you can’t get any deeper than that, except to go to the ‘main’ archive from that page, and what you see there is the single post which notifies and redirects the move. If you attempt to go to either the post prior or after (they shouldn’t even be showing up there as options but they do), you get a ‘Password Protected’ notice.

It’s not the best link structure, but it’ll have to do for now.

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