BLOGGING: Update on the move

Was easily able to fix the missing logo (not visible in Windows) by sending the image to a PC and then uploading it into the header from there. Of course I rushed back to the Mac half-expecting to see it disappear but it was intact. Don’t know why it didn’t originally show up on a pc or more likely the case, in an IE browser, but the problem is solved regardless.

While I was in there I also changed the font size in the body, enlarging it from 62.5% to 75% 70% to make it more readable. I suppose I shouldn’t mess directly on the CSS of the theme but there’s likely an original in the K2 folder on the hard drive if I go too far wrong. Besides, it’s too late by this time to either make a duplicate file or even a copy.

Still working on the problem of redirecting external links and searches directly from Typepad to WordPress blogs so that I can pull the plug on the old Spinning and Hypercompendia versions. Not really worried about Google, et al, but I’d like to graciously make it easy for those who so kindly linked to the weblogs or particular entries or categories so their links don’t end up at 401 pages.

Working on a logo for Hypercompendia. Also want to get those little ‘blog’ ‘about’ and ‘books’ links out of the logos here and there since they show up in the sidebar anyway–they’re really just another link to any pages created.

There are a few more things to upload here but I need to find the best way to enter them and where they should live.

Not totally happy with the typeface; still like Georgia and will likely fiddle with that at some point soon.

This has been a two-week effort and learning experience and I’m determined to be more creative and active with the inner workings of the sites so that I don’t so easily forget all the intricacies of stylesheets and codes. There’s so much I don’t know still but just feeling a bit more comfortable about playing with it is key to learning more.

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