Susan doesn’t do memes and lists and when tagged, refuses to be “it.”

She isn’t antisocial exactly, nor necessarily dull and vague as a banana. She’s had threescore and one year behind her so there’s some experience from which to draw, albeit some of which is both shamefully and delightfully too private for sharing with either friends or strangers. Unfortunately, those same years deprive her of full memory without the taint of her creative force seeping through the cubicles of her mind.

No, there is no movie or book or song that forever changed her life; made a blip perhaps that created a perspective that hadn’t been used before as a monocle on daily living, but no great change in and of itself.  Favorites, yes; she can do favorites, though the list is constantly changing and she’d ask to be limited to the top three, or five at most. Favorites are not favorites above a certain number I would think.

Which brings up another reason why these questionnaires are no longer being filled and forwarded; the people I would care about I already know about or will…by conversation.

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