CURRENT AFFAIRS: Why my carefully nurtured hopes are fading

Does no one notice that the major job loss is in manufacturing, production, and white collar areas while the target area provides the majority in government, education, construction and health care?

Do we really expect the autoworkers and managers to learn how to perform surgery or run a backhoe?  Yes, many jobs are transferable into these sectors and change of arena won’t throw everyone for a loop, but it seems that a cutback or penalty (or incentive, I don’t care which) on companies who have moved their facilities overseas might be a step in the right direction to bring jobs back to these heavy-hit areas.

And by the way, say you don’t care about big banks and the stock market? Look at your pension plans, people. Unless the plan’s a big cookie jar that kept your money safely tucked inside, you’re affected by what happens on Wall Street.

This is so reminiscent of the wonderful ideology of the ’70s but for cryin out loud, we found that flower power just doesn’t work.

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