LITERATURE: The Unconsoled – Time Period

At last, a slightly more accurate pinpointing of the time setting of this novel:

When the main feature finally started we had been seated for at least half an hour, and I saw with some relief it was to be the science fiction classic 2001: A Space Odyssey — a favourite of mine which I never tired of seeing. (p. 93)

Well neat. That places it somewhere after 1968 and while the language of the book is still a bit dated and formal, it settles me into the storyworld a bit more comfortably. As the movie is referred to by the narrator as a classic, I would assume the time period stands somewhere between 1975 – 1995 when the book was published. Then I am jerked out of my comfort zone with this:

As soon as those impressive opening shots of a prehistoric world appeared on the screen, I could feel myself relaxing, and I was soon comfortably absorbed in the film. We were well into the central section of the narrative — with Clint Eastwood and Yul Brynner on board the spaceship bound for Jupiter — when I heard… (p. 94)

Huh? Dirty Harry and the King of Siam weren’t in this flick; what’s going on here?

Then it hits me; I must open my mind to the story and accept it as it is given to me. Fiction, after all, is exactly that.

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