Well I had wiped out Hypercompendia over at Typepad, but put it back temporarily to use as a redirect if I can do with it what I’ve done with Spinning. I’ve managed to change the Spinning main index template to linger just a couple seconds on the main page before it redirects over to Spinning here at WordPress. I know how to do it, but have to re-upload the banner image to Hypercompendia to make it work I think. I’d supposedly deleted all the files, but I believe they’re still on the server.

What’s more important is to somehow make that work on the archives, individual post files and that’s something I haven’t figured out how to access yet. The Typepad permalink templates are hidden from me, so all I have to work with is the tags, such as <$MTEntryPermalink$>and I may have the nerve to fiddle with that before I just wipe out the weblogs permanently.

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