Obviously the way cloud tags work is that the more uses of a tag, the larger the text. So far, and I’m only about a third into it, Kundera and Calvino have just beat out Ham Sandoval in size.

There’s always a decision to be made on categorization and sorting and on this single category of Literature I’ve already had to decide between book title and author. What I’d decided to do is use title for those that I’m more apt to have only a single work from the author or if the book is a particularly well known classic, and use author name for those that I’m frankly enamored with and will read more if not all of their work, i.e., Kundera, Marquez, Calvino, Faulkner, McCarthy, Borges, Steinbeck, and well, St. Augustine.

Then of course there are those which I may have read a single work, but I should have known that I’ll want to read more, such as Bellow and William Gay. Oh well, there’s never a perfect system.

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