It’d be nice to think that this whole “change” thing in American politics was smart enough to recognize what may deeply delay any recovery plans. It’s a little thing about the Baby Boomer generation and how they’re getting laid off first, with no hope of rehire (Older Workers Need Not Apply, NY Times), and how the next ten years of their forcibly changed plans to retire on their own savings and hard work will become the thing they tried so hard to avoid: being a burden on society.

So take some of that money planned for larger schools and shiny electronic classrooms, for building more airy spaces and playgrounds and roads, for tilting at windmills, and put some of that construction and health cost funding into what immediate future needs are being created instead by the ‘solving’ of the current economic crisis: old age homes and medicare for those who thought they’d be able but will not now be able to take care of themselves in retirement.

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