HYPERTEXT and WRITING: A Constant Learning Process

Haven’t gotten much reading time in, but I have been writing, both straight text and hypertext. I’ve finally overcome my fear of Tinderbox–not that it’s at all a difficult program to learn, but rather that my assurance of comfort within Storyspace stood as a discouragement to learning something different when I was looking to do no more than what Storyspace already handled for me.

Been trying to read more poetry to get me in the frame of mind for brevity and sharper imagery, and some more contemporary stories online to get me up to speed with the trendy language of today’s writers. I need this for all my writing, but even more particularly when writing hypertext short shorts that need be almost self-contained stories within each lexia. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things and have been learning more about the hypertext form and purpose as well. Still not great at it, but then my straight text isn’t all that hot either.

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