I don’t understand how, in this atmosphere of economic depression, people don’t see the writing on the wall and do the right thing.

I’ve been commenting on Wisebread’s suggestion to small businesses to save money by outsourcing labor to “Virtual Assistants” the majority of which is overseas labor. The attitude seems to be, well big business does it to save money, and it’s a global economy these days, so…

Without thinking that maybe, just maybe, this is one of the reasons Americans are suffering the onslaught of unemployment and loss of their jobs and homes. So maybe big business (corporations, that is) aren’t greedy, just using good business sense, after all?  You can’t have it both ways. And no, it’s not something that American small business should follow as a model. Look in your local weekly papers–you’ll find plenty of fairly cheap employable Americans there.

I am not against a global economy, but when we’re hurting our own to satisfy a few, when supply is greater than demand here on our own soil, when money is the bottom line over human compassion and caring, I’d say idealist America has a problem.You spread your arms too wide and the closest to you are going to be smothered or drop out and fall to the floor.

Today’s headlines in the local news, and the teeny little article accompanying it:

23 Pratt & Whitney Workers Laid Off

19 Conn. Employees Given Pink Slips

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. — Twenty-three workers were laid off at Pratt & Whitney on Wednesday, company officials said.Of those laid off, 19 were located in Connecticut and four in Maine, officials said.Pratt & Whitney officials said the salaried positions were being sourced to an outside vendor.“This action is part of Pratt & Whitney’s overall efforts to reduce costs in response to the downturn in the global economy and its impact on the aerospace industry,” the company said in a written statement.

(WFSB Channel 3)

Maybe when we start outsourcing doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, and politicians, Americans will wake up.

I really need to stop reading the news.

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