I haven’t been keeping up on the weblogs as I used to, but then, thank your lucky stars for Facebook and twitter so you don’t have to read my rants and feel the cosmic waves of my temper tantrums like you used to.The beauty of tweets and FB is that I can let off steam and go back–usually within a half an hour–and delete the stream.

Just noticed when I came on to post that it’s somewhere around 5,750 blog posts here, with 4001 comments! That doesn’t include Hypercompendia’s posts nor the blogs I’ve started and let die in the past seven years.

I’m not slowing down to a stop here though. The drop-off is mainly because I don’t post as much personal stuff anymore, haven’t read as much in the past year, and have been concentrating a lot on writing. Funny thing though, even though my goal was to get published, now that I have been, each story of mine that I see under a heading other than my own, while thrilling, doesn’t mean any more than just writing.

Yeah, the writing’s the big thrill.

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