Can’t stand it yet you just can’t avoid hearing those damn political ads that ruin summer rerun viewing. The only good news is that after the primaries, at least there will be fewer of them.

As an Independent, I cannot vote in the primaries but I’m doing my background checking on all the candidates in all the various areas of political office. Meanwhile, the ads are already rising bile in my throat.

Obviously, not all politicians are stupid. They know that this is an important year and that they must pander and pretend even more than usual to the populace to gain votes. So all of sudden, every single candidate regardless of party affiliation now understands that the number one priority is employment and is decrying all the fools before them who didn’t get this for the past two years. Not only that, but a good percentage of them claim ties to running businesses. Which of course, leads to some digging of dirt.

Fedele (Rep. for Governor, CT) is the first to throw mud, claiming Foley (Rep. for Governor, CT) grabbed 20 million and bankrupted a company in the midwest. Not all true. What Fedele failed to include was that Foley’s contract had nothing to do with Bibb going out of business and he was in fact gone before it did. Also, the real reason they did was BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT COMPETE WITH OVERSEAS COSTS. Don’t get me started on this one–it’s one of my personal pet peeves about government doing nothing about something they certainly can do something about.

And, Fedele is using public funding for his ads; which brings up another bug in my sandwich: I don’t believe that since we all pay government salaries, I don’t think the President, or any other elected official should be spending time and effort and our dollars in promoting their own party candidates. If I were a Republican, I’d be pissed that on my dime, a Democrat of position that I’m paying to represent me, is out pushing his own choices–not maybe mine.

After a blitz of JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! most of the candidates are placating their parties with the appropriate EDUCATION! ENERGY! that those folk want to hear. Meanwhile, everybody’s kind of skirting the tax issue. But then, even the sitting administration doesn’t want to touch that one.

I may just turn off the TV until November.

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