WRITING: It’s Becoming a Habit and a Study

I’m now very glad to be participating in this year’s 100 Days Project since I’m writing all different types of story. Today’s was magical realism and humor, and it’s not something that I normally would write. Though a couple have been picked for publishing and I intend to start sending out many of the others come September, most of the stories are not particularly great or special, but every one has given me a chance to grow in some new way.

On top of the stories I’ve been including an image. This was started just to dress up the page and separate out the stories more visibly on the pages the way I had them set up. It’s led to not only learning a bit more about my camera–a dopey little 4 megapixel digital that came free with a printer or vice versa, but playing with the images in Photoshop has given me the opportunity to learn a lot more about how to use that program. I’ve just barely scratched the surface but today’s (#65) gave me the opportunity to fiddle and mix together three separate images.

August will be the real show of what I’m made up of. I’ve registered for the 24/7 Challenge thrown out by Folded Word so that means TWO stories each day for the first three weeks of August (the 24/7 is run by writers who are clever enough to allow the final week for editing!). And of course, I’m doing the 52/250 which is a once a week story for a year.

Out of these, some good shall come. Though I’m not sure dinners will still be on the agenda…

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