WRITING: Revving the Engine

Well it’s Day #71 on 100 Days, and tomorrow will be Day #72. It will also be Day#1 of the 24/7 Challenge.

Will I be able to keep up? What I’m going to try to do for the next three weeks is use the John Timmons’ video of the 100 Days Project to develop two different stories if I can. If only one comes through–so strongly that I can’t see another concept out of it–then I’ll fall back on some photo sites, perhaps Jessica Somers’ since I do love her work and an image can often spark a thousand words with no problem.

Oh, I forgot that I’ve been including an image with each of my stories for 100 Days. It’s been a lot of fun experimenting with Photoshop and not always depending on their Filter Gallery alone to make something from a photo I’ve taken. It’s been a learning experience and for today’s, when I needed a puddle I was able to make do with a glass tabletop and some fancy footwork in the program.

Oh yes, and I’m still keeping up with the 52/250 Challenge as well, which (thank God!) is a weekly submission.

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