WRITING: 52/250 – A Writing Project

I’m done of course with the 100 Days Project now, but I’ve been involved since June with the 52/250 Project which is a group of 30 plus or minus writers, each of whom are producing a flash fiction or poem under 250 words every week for a year (that’s the 52 part). Created by Michelle Elvy, John Wentworth Chapin, and Walter Bjorkman, the challenge has been running since May and will continue for 52 weeks with an average of 30 artists participating. There are no requirements to maintain or write every week, so many authors join in when the mood hits.

An anthology of selected pieces was put together at the quarter-mark, and THIRTEEN was produced.

Here’s the link to the site: 52/250 A Year of Flash

Here’s the link to my work in it:  52/250 Flash

It’s been a great experience to take part in this, among friends who I’ve met through Fictionaut and elsewhere, and who are very supportive and inspiring. It’s interesting to see what diverse concepts of story and poetry result from a simple idea that forms the prompt, usually just a couple of words. Truly a fun project, and some of the best work online.

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