…there was a time when I was posting an average of 4 posts a day for years. Reading books one after another and sharing my reactions, even dropping the book to grab the laptop for a special phrase that just got me. I haven’t read a book in months–started several, but none finished.

No excuses, it’s not like I haven’t been reading. Probably an average of 50 short stories a week on Fictionaut (though I haven’t had a chance to keep up the last several weeks) and 52/250, a weekly theme-based series where we all write a flash piece. (Check out this week’s issue–I have a story called Regardless, but the title art is something I worked up in Photoshop.)

I’ve been working on lots of projects, hypertext and traditional short story form, a textbook, and artwork. Rejections aren’t as devastating when acceptances roll in sometimes too. It’s been a tremendously successful (or what I consider successful!) year and I suppose that brings confidence to keep at it.

I’ve been learning new things to expand my writing and graphics into the new media field little by little. I know I’d learn a lot faster if I took classes but this picking folks’ brains and struggling through on my own does bring its own sense of accomplishment.

But yes, I do need to continue my pursuit of fine literature and will be adding some more posts here as I finally get back into gear.

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