WRITING: 365 days a year

It won’t be more than mere practice, no eloquence finely honed and polished to perfection, but a flash piece each day to match–no not match, but inspired by–Carianne Mack Garside’s beautiful art.

So here will be my offerings, starting with Day 1, Potent. Note that each month’s work here has a separate page (links on the right sidebar).

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6 Responses to WRITING: 365 days a year

  1. About “Language”. Loved and fascinated by your description of the parts of language spoken by her hands. Great little story. Matches the illustration perfectly (as do the other stories as well).

  2. susan says:

    Thank you so much, Roberta. I like this concept of growing a story out of an image.

  3. Thank you for your writing. I decided I was a writer too and your writing inspires me…..Rebecca

  4. susan says:

    Thank you, Rebecca. It’s great that we’re forming a chain of inspiration!

  5. Susan, great to see you at The Festival of the Trees #56! I loved story #21: “Finding new patters.” Those “jazz hands”!

  6. susan says:

    Thanks, Stella! It’s the first time I offered anything at the FofT Blog but I think it’s a fascinating concept of sharing.

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