REALITY?: On Government Process

Gawrsh, I’m so confused.

If the Democrats propose a bill and the Republicans don’t agree and hold it up, it’s the Republicans’ fault.

If the the Republicans propose a bill and the Democrats don’t agree and hold it up, it’s still the Republicans’ fault?

That ain’t the way my daddy taught me. He would’ve said there is no blame in a disagreement, only opposing views, and the only possible solution is compromise on both sides.

With the threat of a “government shutdown” looming, the extremists on both sides are getting crazy again. I must remember to go look outside tonight at the moon.

While I feel for federal government employees who are innocent of the situation–just as are the workers in the private sector and in the state and local public sector level–I sort of feel like everybody’s going to take a hit now and then and maybe it’s just their turn. A couple days’ without pay really isn’t going to cause a disaster for anyone financially or the public in losing the services for a few days.

And this is interesting to find, that the last furlough of federal workers was in 1995-96, and that they immediately got their pay restored as soon as possible. That hasn’t happened for anyone else. (Newser) *

Some more facts:

Six shutdowns occurred between fiscal year 1977 and fiscal year 1980 (Carter), ranging from eight to 17 full days, according to the report. From fiscal 1981 to 1995 (Reagan, Bush, Clinton), nine shutdowns occurred, lasting no longer than three full days.

In fiscal 1996, the first budget impasse led to a five-day shutdown from Nov. 13-19, 1995. The second shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, stretched 21 days from Dec. 15, 1995 to Jan. 6, 1996.  (Washington Post)

Look at Japan. Now there’s a disaster. And somehow, nobody’s running around screaming and ranting and pointing fingers. They accept what happened, adjust, and move on.

Honest, this country’s been through a lot worse. There are individuals who have lost their life savings, their homes, their families, and just about all hope. Somehow I can’t really get worked up about a government shutdown.

* Per Washington Watch, Senate Bill S. 776 “A bill to provide for the compensation of furloughed Federal employees” was in place even before the shutdown was averted.

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