WRITING: Collaborations

Wanted to make a note here about a current publication of work at The Blue Print Review that I’m particularly excited about.

While working on a one-a-day throughout 2011, with Carianne Mack Garside producing a piece of art and my matching it with a short piece of prose, it was suggested by Dorothee Lang, the terrific editor of BPR that I submit some pieces for a special upcoming #27 issue she was planning, Synergetic Transformations, that would be comprised of collaborative works. That sparked a desire to include Steve Ersinghaus’ poetry since he has worked on the 100 days projects since 2008. He kindly produced a couple to match the pieces selected by Lang.

It’s always a thrill to be published in such a fine literary journal as BPR, mainly because Dorothee is such an artistic soul that she takes meticulous editorial care with the presentation. This was especially exciting for me since it included mentors and friends in the effort. Below are links to the pieces, and a link to the notes on the project here.

Cross Section of My Day/ – Gibb/Garside

Cross Section of My Day/ – Ersinghaus/Garside

Comfort – Gibb/Garside

Comfort – Ersinghaus/Garside





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