WRITING: Day 150 of 365

Today marks the one hundred fiftieth story I’ve written as part of my commitment to write daily since January 1st of this year. It also coincides with Day 10 of the 100 Day Project for this summer of 2011.

I’ll be taking down the pages here that mark the first 140 days of the 365/365, since all have been transferred into monthly posts at Talespinning to accommodate the 100 Days setup.

It’s quite a learning process, to find a story to write every day, to change narrative voice and writing style, to investigate techniques and language and genres. Some of these pieces have already been picked up and published elsewhere; most will never move beyond the pages of my weblog. There are those I feel really good having written, and those that even with the famous editorial eye, just aren’t pleasing even to their own “mother.”

Check out the 100 Days Project–there are so many fine artists and writers and crafters and photographers there that you’re sure to find something each day to make the summer special.

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2 Responses to WRITING: Day 150 of 365

  1. Marcus Speh says:

    i feel sad that today marks the day when i have to stop my own 100 day experiment…after only 11 posts. alas, my material gives me too much resistance which i wish to honor if that makes any sense. publishing must take a back seat for now. but i’ll be following your and the work of the others & perhaps i’ll come back to my own serial…kudos to you!

  2. susan says:

    Yes, I saw that on twitter and replied to you. I’m so sorry you’re leaving us! (email sent)

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