REALITY?: Prettier?

Okay, so the new official garbage can was delivered within an hour of the pickup of the old by our regular drivers for twenty years (Hi guys!). Here it is:

It’s the Big Green Monster in the middle. On the right is Old Faithful, our dedicated garbage container for all these many years. Though garbage pickup is every Tuesday, there are times when I let it go for two weeks because it’s not full. It’s practically never more than half full on a weekly basis. (I don’t waste food or anything else.) Upon occasion I have a black plastic trash bag from the shop, maybe once a month. The small pails to the left? They’re our recycling buckets. I fill one up once a month; they pickup every other week. This will be replaced by a receptacle the same size as the new trash container, only it’ll be blue.

It’s true I’m resistive to change until I’m convinced it’s for the best. This move was touted as being the best, and I’m sure in many ways, for many residents it is. I don’t see how my elderly-with-bad-knees neighbor is going to get this thing down to the curb. I also don’t believe that one of the reasons was to enhance the beauty of the town but suspect that like much else, it was to level the field, to make us all the same, which is too close to those futuristic movies and TV shows I watched as a child.

And what about jobs? These will be picked up via a mechanical arm. That’s why they have to all be consistent. Meaning one guy per truck loses his job.

Enough about me; I’m waiting to see what my husband says when he can’t get the car into the garage.

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