WRITING: Midway Through The Year

While I’m taking part in another summer’s 100 Days Project, I’ve really been writing a story a day since January 1st and have passed the halfway mark a few days ago. Everything that started here was transferred to the Talespinning site at the end of May.

Several changes have occurred in the process. Starting out, I wrote a story as influenced by Carianne Mack Garside’s artwork. Her own commitment to produce a piece daily was affected by her baby’s growth and curiosity and resulting need for extra attention so I continued on my own. Inspiration came out of thin air. When the 100 Days Project came up at the end of May, I decided to once more hook up with the group, and so it goes. Even with this project, we’ll be hitting another halfway mark of 50 days of daily work this weekend.

It’s amazing how many ideas and storylines a writer can find, either spurred by the creativity of others or just by life itself. Someone made a comment on one of my stories to the effect that he found it surprising that I could develop some many different characters, a new one each day. I laughed and responded that perhaps it is the writer’s version of multiple personality disorder.

Meanwhile, because I have been reading the other participant’s work, as well as those of fellow writers on Fictionaut and new literary publications as they come out, I haven’t kept up on my novel reading, nor my hypertext and new media learnings (last posting at Hypercompendia was on the Morpheus software!) so these two weblogs have been sort of stagnant for a while except when something interesting (at least to me!) happens and I’ll post to the Reality category.

Gardening, framing, reading, and writing; this will be my summer.


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2 Responses to WRITING: Midway Through The Year

  1. Marcus Speh says:

    thank god, you’re also in the project…and seduced me to take part. my summer will be writing and reading and gardening, too, though i tend to focus on supporting work (for my wife, the real gardener) that needs muscle, no brain.

  2. susan says:

    And I’m so glad you’ve stuck with it–we writers who float our words around the visual artists. The idea in the back of my mind is that I’ll spend the year writing, then spend a few months off, submitting, editing, compiling something into a book. Refusing, of course, to face the reality of my nature; that is, to write and let it fall where it may.

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