REALITY?: Gender Issues

I often post the same thing on twitter and Facebook and did so with this:

Ever wonder what life would be like if it were the men’s movement of the sixties instead of the women’s? If men decided that the glory of raising children shouldn’t be for women only, quit their jobs and stayed home?

What’s interesting is what came out of it. On twitter, it went in the direction of certain college campus behavior and men hating women. On Facebook, it took off in the theme of women hating men. Oh the wonders of diversity of opinion!

I personally don’t think that men hate women or women hate men. It really has nothing to do with it, though there may be some resentment involved. Basically, I think it has more to do with self-image and projected image and perception.

But getting back to the original question. While one’s first thought would be, “You can’t do that because someone has to earn a living to support the family.” But look at the women’s movement away from the constraints of home and family to grant time for full time meaningful employment, and meaningful employment often means success-oriented with goals that might challenge any normal schedule and a job into much more than a 40-hour week. Didn’t anyone say, “You can’t do that because who’s going to raise the kids?” Or even watch the kids for that matter. Well that problem was solved with daycare that took care of infancy through age six when kindergarten is normally started. Solutions do manage to come up when someone wants something bad enough to make it work.

It’s an interesting question as a “what if?” and it no doubt would have had as large an impact on society as has the feminist movement of nearly fifty years ago.


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