LITERATURE: Lord Of The Flies – Variations of Forming Society

Very interesting: A boy has been killed. The tribe, now split into two groups, still resorts to avoidance of responsibility in the face of the horror.

Ralph’s small group, each boy tries to convince himself and the others that they didn’t take part in it, in the final frenzy that resulted in the death of one of their own.

Frank’s group denies responsibility as well, but not of the act, but of the intent. They convince themselves that what was destroyed was the beast in a different form. They choose to justify their actions even as it keeps the fear alive. Is this a plan on Frank’s part to maintain control? As we see at their gathering, there is a new form and respect for order. There is punishment, there are gates, there are responsibilities. Almost as if this new sense of justice they’ve created has been built on fear and maintains that fear through superstition. I don’t like comparing it to religion, and yet there are similarities in holding onto belief despite reality, ritual over practicality.

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