Relax all you IF fans; Square One is not a brand new game that I stumbled across and you didn’t know about yet. I’m referring to going back to square one in getting back into the IF mode.

I was determined to get back into this, so I spent some time running back and forth between the house and the barn (my shop) to prepare the shop computer and download some games because I didn’t have WinZip or WinFrotz on that drive, got floppies of some of the other stuff I needed because it took too long to download online using the phone line. Since the shop only has the phone line, I was downloading onto floppy in the house via the cable line, and then depositing it back into the shop computer. Oh yes, I also of course did not want to tie up the shop phone line too long because customers may be trying to reach me. Thought of that one the other day when I was trying to download IE 6 on it for two hours.

Anyway, the good news is that I now have Anchorhead, Shrapnel, Curses, Savoir Faire, and The Adventures of Helpfulman (couldn’t resist the title, guys!) on both computers, and can play whenever I want. The bad news is that I forgot the tricks to playing IF and have practically been told by the game to go make a batch of brownies instead. Just means I’ll have to spend a little more time strategizing.

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