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One-Line Bio

A lover of writing and reading.


  • Beliefs: Religious and sacrilegious – He’s out there somewhere.
  • Politics: Tolerant Moral Liberal, or Tolerant Free-thinking Conservative; I’m not sure, they’re too close.
  • Humor: Very dry to goofy (All-time favorite joke: What’s round and purple and has a hole in it? J.F.Grape)
  • Humour: Moody. If I don’t talk or write, I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at the world.
  • Honesty Level: Verging on babbling.
  • Mental Health: Ever on the edge.
  • Goals: To walk the edge without losing my balance.
  • Stress Level: Ever striving for the ultimate.
  • Hobbies: Seeking the meaning of life if there is one.
  • Literature: Mainstream fiction, horror, non-fiction murder, certain biographical and philosophical b.s.
  • Marital Status: Finally succumbed late in life.
  • Sex: Kissed at 16, deflowered at 21, actively explorative until (see above.)
  • Anger Level: If I’m extremely polite, I’m very angry. Livid, you don’t want to see.
  • I.Q.: Ranges from deep to dopey.
  • Dependencies: None and nobody.
  • Ambitions: To come around next life as Barbie Einstein.
  • Gender: Female tempered by many of the finer male traits.
  • Morals: High in my dealings with others, lowered a bit in personal areas for myself.
  • Style: Jeans and a plaid flannel shirt, but I practice wearing high heels at least a couple times annually.
  • Outlook: Sardonic
  • Faith: I trust everyone; I trust no one.
  • Male Fantasy Figure: Willie Nelson
  • Age: Six or ninety-four, but most often somewhere in between.
  • Emotional State: Elated or deeply depressed, but rarely in between.
  • Labels: Scorpio, ISTP, Compulsive-Obsessive, Avoidant, Creative, Short, sometimes Nice
  • (NOTE: If you are a psychiatrist or psychoanalyst and spot a red flag here, please feel free to e-mail me. Thank you.)
  • Interests

    Learning life through Writing, Reading, Traditional Archery, Nature and Harvest, Computer Hardware, and watching people.