Just came home from a visit with Michael at Twists & Turns and it was an odd visit at that. I began reading his post, “Last Night’s Adventure” and read through to the end before realizing he was describing a dream he had. My own interests (coupled with the guilt of not tending to some of them lately) have changed dramatically and influenced my comprehension of the entry enough for me to suddenly discover that I had been reading it as Interactive Fiction.

With my past troubled experiences and delights at this form of new media, I eagerly found my fingers poised over the keyboard as I read, ready to type in “go north” or “examine room” and was a bit disappointed that I would not be allowed into this “adventure.” I’ve done this once before with a short story written by S.E. when it was presented piecemeal, and even had a map of the floorplan of the house in which the story took place.

Michael has another website called Dreams, and he’s a writer. Twists and Turns is an amazing name for a weblog, as well as for the maze of IF. It seems he’d be a natural for writing that type of fiction!

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  1. Michael says:

    Thanks! You know, it never occurred to me that people wouldn’t realize it was a dream until the very end. It seemed so surreal to me, and I thought the title gave it away. I guess I should give IF a try . . .

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