REALITY: Philosophy & Belief

Or, I suppose it should be "Philosophy OR Belief."  Anyway, the dark garage is slowly regaining its power of inspiration, reflection, and silly ideas.  I find this weblog intriguing:  Without Gods – Toward a History of Atheism, set up as a book plot plan by Mitchell Stephens.  It being one of the last things I checked before heading to my sanctum, it occurred to me that my theory of reincarnation–should there be a God or superpower of sorts, which it seems would behoove us to believe in, and can’t hurt if it turns out to be a fallacy–is tested by the increase in population over the centuries.

Could be old souls and new souls.  Or, what if we are each several diffent entities concurrently?  What if sleep is awake-time for our other self?  This of course, makes me exceptionally guilty about the three hours I allow my other existence to enjoy the day.  We could also be on several different planes here, or even several different galaxies simultaneously.  That’d be neat.  I wonder if I’m still short there?

If the aura of my garage holds steady, I’m thinking of organizing a thinkers’ retreat.  Maybe Thursday nights.  We just need to figure a time when all the proper forms of the people I know are awake in the same space.

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